Fine Art Lamps Grosvenor Square 4-Light Foyer Pendant

$4500.00 (check price)

Transitional solid brass pendant in finish with solid curved clear acrylic rod(s) that reflect light. Number of Lights: 4 Fixture Design: Lantern Overall Height (Hanging): 103" Overall Height (Hanging): 34" Fixture: 28.5" H x 24" W x 24" D


Fine Art Lamps present new Foyer Pendant. Fine Art Lamps Grosvenor Square 4-Light Foyer Pendant is wonderful Foyer Pendant from Fine Art Lamps.   The foyer pendant is the recommend foyer pendant of the day. If you would like to own it now. Please check stock from this online store and compare prices before decide to buy this foyer pendant.

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The this foyer pendant! I received was very high in quality, It is better than anything out there I've seen in this price range. It is a great buy. The quality is great for the price!

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Thank you so much. Big Greatly Congratulations to you. Good Deals. If you would like to buy foyer pendant. foyer pendant is a nice product to buy for yourself and your family.

Fine Art Lamps Grosvenor Square 4-Light Foyer Pendant Reviews

Review #1

  I am glad I bought this foyer pendant. I'm looking forward to wearing it to work and social occasions. And of course, I love the foyer pendant! A well designed feature that doesn't add bulk. 2 words : perfect foyer pendant. ♥ Fine Art Lamps

Review #2

You cannot go wrong with this Fine Art Lamps Grosvenor Square 4-Light Foyer Pendant. Great price. Beautiful color! it does not look cheap like other. I have gotten so many compliments. It's very cool and looks great. Will definitely buy it other colors! ♥ Fine Art Lamps   Foyer Pendant by Fine Art Lamps

Review #3

I got the foyer pendant and it is so chic! I love the foyer pendant details and the quality is pretty good as well. I also like the size in general, I like how the color is versatile enough to wear for all the seasons. I especially love it. Definitely would recommend!   ♥ Fine Art Lamps


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